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About Homeopathy
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Homeopathy is a complete and natural system of medicine which has been in  world wide use  for over 200 years.  The World Health Organisation has found it to be one of the top alternative therapies available. 
Why is it so popular?
Homeopathy differs from conventional medicines as it treats the underlying cause of illness as apposed to just controlling the symptoms.
How does it work?
Homeopathic medicine works by stimulating the body’s own immune response making the healing process natural and non-toxic.  Homeopathy is a holistic treatment so all symptoms are treated (physical and emotional) and not just the symptoms of your ‘disease label’.  Homeopathy works well along side conventional medicine but you may find that the need for conventional medicine may be reduced or even eradicated during treatment.
Homeopathy works using the law of  similars or put another way,‘like cures like’.  In other words, a substance given in its material form that would produce the symptoms you are experiencing, will cure those symptoms when given in an extreme dilute form. This same principle is often used in conventional medicine to treat allergies.
Homeopathic medicine can treat any ailment; physical, emotional and behavioural.
Our natural state of being is to experience optimum physical health and energy, mental clarity, emotional stability and harmonious and positive behavioural patterns.  When any of these systems are compromised, our body produces symptoms as it fights to regain balance.  These symptoms are also a communication to alert us to the fact that our body is no longer in perfect balance.  Homeopathic medicine listens to this communication and restores full balance.  You will also see from this example how foolish it is to take medication in order to alleviate our symptoms without addressing the ‘root cause’ when it is just as easy to tackle the problem in its entirety.  It is a bit like removing the red light that is telling us our car is low on oil and then assuming the problem is then solved!

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