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The consultation is obviously fully confidential and lasts for about one hour. 

Whether the consultation is face to face, or takes place over the phone, it is our chance to have a relaxed chat about any concerns you may have at this time. I will then ask a few questions about your past health, your past experiences and I will also be interested to gain an insight into your personality. This gives me the opportunity to prescribe the most beneficial remedy for you.

Following the consultation I will research the most appropriate remedy for you and then post it out to you with full instructions.

Once you start taking the remedy I offer full telephone and email support in between appointments. Depending on your ailment, homeopathic treatment often offers a swift cure, so treatment should not be prolonged. A loose gauge of how long your treatment is likely to last is that, for every year you have suffered a particular ailment, it takes one month of homeopathic treatment to cure.

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